Mom Drowned 6-Year-Old Daughter Before Trying To Drown Second Child: Police

Photo: GoFundMe

A South Carolina mother drowned her six-year-old daughter to death and attempted to drown a second child before a third sibling saved her life, according to police.

Jamie Bradley-Brun is accused of murdering Mackaya Bradley-Brun, 6, in a drowning last week at their home, per People. Police said the mother also attempted to drown Mackaya's eight-year-old sister before their 16-year-old sibling intervened.

“She defended her family when no one else was available to,” Sheriff P.J. Tanner said during a news conference. “Her courage is amazing.”

According to police, the 16-year-old sister heard screaming coming from the bathroom in the middle of the night and witnessed the attempted drowning of her eight-year-old sibling.

"She had the ability and courage to utilize her own strength to get her 8-year-old" sibling to safety, Tanner said. "She had the composure to know that 911 needed to be called because she knew her other sister was in the home."

The mother is facing murder and attempted murder charges. Her motive remains unknown.

Family members remembered Mackaya as a “cheerful and energetic girl with such a kind spirit,” according to a GoFundMe campaign started to fund her memorial.

“Her 2 sisters were her best friends, and she really loved her family and cousins. At her young age, she was a protective, courageous little girl who loved to dance, sing, and play with her family,” the GoFundMe page reads.

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